Kindness Returned, in the Workplace


When the city of Tainan was about to merge, Hsiu-Fang remained in the original unit she worked in, but her good friend, Ru got transferred, and must work at the main office, she’d rode her motorcycle to the train stations at six in the morning, and, after she arrived, she’d taken the bus to the office, and gets off work at five, by the time she’d gotten home it’s already seven in the evenings.

Hsiu-Feng felt blessed that because she has her family, that, was why she wasn’t transferred, but Ru was single, and an only child, her father had died many years ago, she lived I with her blind mother, and so, she feared being transferred.

When Ru received the notice that she was to be transferred, she’d cried and begged Hsiu-Feng to look after her mother, in the one and a half hour lunch break, she usually needed buy her mother’s lunch for her, and now she’s transfer to the main stations, she doesn’t know how she will be able to take care of her mom, as she’d be leaving the house early in the morning, and returning home late in the nights.

None of the coworkers wanted to get transferred, and Ru can only talk to Hsiu-Feng, who’s like a sister to her, it’s just that Hsiu-Feng lives in the countryside, and if she moves to the city, she must buy or rent a new place, and her husband would naturally not want to go through the process, after all, moving is a huge and troublesome business.

But, seeing how worried, Ru became, how she’d become dumbfounded and would cry often.  Hsiu-Feng empathized with her, and told the personnel offices that she was willing to take Ru’s place in the transfer, so she could stay in the original unit.

Hsiu-Feng’s husband, on the weekends, took her to the main offices with the kids, to look at properties, and, there was a mansion on the market, that’s not too expensive and at the right locations, going to work, school, shopping for groceries would be very easy, and so, the entire family moved into the cities.

And, after she’d moved away, a TON of people fought to rent Hsiu-Feng’s original home, and, the place they’d bought is right next to the future MRT stations, and the price of the land rose a lot, none of this was in her plans, she thought she’d just wanted to help her friend out, that she’d never dreamed of making money, and everybody told her, that it’s her good karma that’s caused all the good things to happen to her.

And so, this still proves that good things come to those who do good, because this woman was kind enough to switch with her coworkers, and she’d given up her original life, and moved into the city, and, because of her kindness, the heavens shined down on her.

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