The Middle School Education in America is Low-Quality, and Messed Up to a Fault! On Education

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The French economist, Pickety spoke on how education is the key, for Taiwan to catch up to the U.S. and European nations, but what Pickety didn’t know was, that the children in Taiwan have better access to higher education; and, at the same date, the news also reported, “the first round of remedial teachings for the newly implemented education policies required the schools to start separating students based on their abilities.”

Actually the education in Europe and the U.S., is not as the public imagined in Taiwan at all.  The writer went to study in the U.S., the professor told, that when the course load is competitive enough, that, is what enticed the foreign students to come over.

After a few years, it was found in the States, that not only did the quality of education in high school NOT improve, it’s awful, in certain areas, after the schools were out, there were middle school aged children who ran around with gangs in the neighborhoods!

A professor told me straight up, that what we need to take from the American ways of education is how the higher education, not the primary and secondary education are run.  I can’t believe it’s only be a few short years, the university education in Taiwan is nearly crumble, and they’d taken the way of middle school education in the U.S., and used it as a guide to reform.

For many years, the Department of Education, is constantly immersing itself in the belief of “learning happily,” without thinking up of ways to get the students up to standard, so, like how Pickety stated, how difficult it would be, for us, to compete with the western world!

When we were in high school, the instructors gave us a bunch of books to read outside of class, from Descarte’s existentialist beliefs, to the original text of the speeches made by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, to the complete text to “The Dreams of the Red Mansion”, before the years we were named “One of the Four Small Dragons of Asia”, no matter how poverty stricken the students were, they’d still bought the books.

And now, even in college, when the professors asked the students to buy a couple of textbooks, students complained of how expensive the books are, and they are all out on the prowl for the various editions of the texts, and some of the students had hoped that the instructors could turn the lectures into powerpoint slides to hand out in class, they don’t even bother taking notes anymore.

Recently, there was a recital for my friend’s dance class, they’d found a choreography to design the dances, but because the students didn’t get trained well enough in the basics, they couldn’t even point their toes in the right directions, or which muscles to tighten, to relax, and the instructors were double-timed by the school’s demands of the students’ performances, and the low fees paid to them for teaching the classes.  And, the depreciation of the degrees is getting worse too, a lot of people had a TON of unpaid debts when they’d gotten out of college, and, they can only find jobs that are equivalent to the factory workers from twenty some years ago.

If our education reforms can actually improve the quality of the students in general, and the government has enough funding to help them out with tutoring in the academics, and the parents and the instructors all work hand-in-hand, maybe, there’s still hope, otherwise, there would surely be students who fell through the cracks of the systems making “exceeding the U.S. and European nations” into nothing more than a lie!

And so, you DO see, how this is problematic, right?  The government here keeps on believing, that following the western worlds’ ways is the best way to go, without realizing, that there’s a TON of things that they FAILED to consider, like cultural differences, demographics, etc., etc., etc., that’s making the systems in the U.S. and Europe functional in the U.S. and European nations, that their ways may NOT work well with this particular demographic, because there’s a lot we need to consider, the students themselves, the qualities of the educators, the parents, along with those, implementing the policies, and until ALL of these can be considered, there will NOT be a fitting solution to THIS problem, but hey, what would I know?  I’m still JUST someone with ONLY a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, and I still made mostly C’s and D’s in school, and, do NOT ask me to show you my transcripts from school either!


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