The Happiness of the Present Day Comes from the Hard Work from the Past

Happiness still doesn’t come easily, it comes from a TON of hardships from before, translated…

My aunt, for all angles examined, is a woman with happiness, from the words of the modern day, she’s a woman from the “Victories in Life” group.  My aunt is not among the beautiful women who are older, but there’s an air about her, it’d make people want to get closer to her.  She is an amazing cook, but, she doesn’t need to work in the kitchen every single day and sweat like crazy and put up with the oils and the fumes daily.

Her son, my older cousin, has a stable job with a good income, and is with a girlfriend whom he wants to marry.  My aunt has two cats, both are very cute.  And my uncle, he’s retired, and, they’re very close to one another, they’d go to see a matinee or have coffees, hang out with their friends; and, when they wanted to, they’d gone traveling, in the vicinity, they’d driven to the very next city, and they’d also gone away on foreign trips for one to two weeks at a time.

This sort of life, I’m so envious, it’s made of pure enjoyment!  They lived very simply, they didn’t need a TON of name brand items, nor do they watch the stock markets often, but, they’re very rich spiritually and psychologically.

Once I was having a conversation with mom and mentioned my aunt to her, I’d said how I envied my aunt.  My mom smiled at me and said, “Your aunt’s happiness now is an accumulation of her hardships from before, did you know, that when she was young, she was diagnosed with depression?”

When I heard it, you could hear my jaw drop, I couldn’t put an equal sign with my aunt and depression.  My mom told me, when my uncle was younger, he was always busy at work, would work until ten in the nights, and so, when my aunt first married, she’d shouldered an assortment of household chores, took care of buying the new house, and moving, as she was pregnant, she’d taken the cabs to the hospital for her prenatal checks.  And because they’d moved away from their hometown, she didn’t feel fitting, calling up the relatives all the time, and so, the stresses accumulated, and eventually, it crushed her, and she was diagnosed with depression.

Gladly, in her friend’s consoling her, and for the sake of her son, my aunt went to the doctors in time, and became more stabilized.  And, a few years later, my uncle’s hard work was noted and got his promotion, and his work time became more flexible, and would come home to eat supper with her and their son before eight at night.

Mom told me, how happy my aunt is, that’s how hard she’d worked from before.  That, was when I’d realized that my aunt who seemingly had a smooth-sailing life is so strong; and learned, that the bliss of a family doesn’t come from wishing for it or fantasizing about it, it comes from the hard work, and the careful guarding it.

And so, this still shows, that you shouldn’t just SEE the surface of things, just because someone seemed well-off to you right now, doesn’t mean that the person didn’t work her/his asses of, to get everything s/he rightfully earned and deserved.

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