How to Be an Unreasonable & Happy “Dinosaur”

That’s the way to view your older years all right, on positive aging, translated…

Maybe it’s because the newspapers are asking for it, or maybe, there’s an influx of the elderly population, recently, I’d thumbed across a lot of articles regarding aging and the elderly in the population.  Forgive me for speaking my mind, but, all these articles are very identical in nature, it’d made me wonder, if the creativity of the aging population is also declining too.  And, there are articles that has the rules and specifications on how to age, teaching the elderly not to get angered, to remain mild-tempered, just be truthful and honest.  I couldn’t help but wonder, if as you’re aged, you don’t dare offend others, and not daring to take chances, and just lived until one’s final days, wouldn’t this be a grueling way to live?

Recalling how one of the sisters Chu (I believe it was, Tien-Hsin, or maybe, Tien-Wen, or, was it Tien-Yi) wrote an article, mentioning how so-and-so is slowly becoming an “elderly Asian man”.  When I read up on this article, I couldn’t help but wonder, the “elderly Asian man” whom Tien-Hsin Chu imagined, what, does he look like?  And the last five character, hit the issues dead on, “Can’t do anything, and incapable of everything.”

Turns out, that, is what an Asian elderly man looks like!  Those rules for the elderly are teaching the aging population how to interact with the world around. 

Why must we become an unreasonable elderly?  First, you must understand, the elderly population has the right to become unreasonable.  As we were younger, we were involved in the workforce, interactions with others, we must consider more things, we don’t dare offend others easily.  And, as we aged, we’d let all of those restraints slide, especially as we neared the age of retirement, or maybe, we’re way passed that age, at this time, we don’t fear the revenge from our coworkers, nor would we worry we got on our bosses’ bad sides, there’s nothing anyone can do about you.

When you don’t need anything from anyone, you can do a ton of things that aren’t reasonable, say a ton of unreasonable things, not only is this liberating, you’d feel amazing afterwards too, it can add years to your lives!  This, is the primary reason why we should ALL become unreasonable elderly!  But, there’s room for discussion on being unreasonable too, the place we can become unreasonable is mostly in the workforce; the person to whom we’re unreasonable against or towards are our coworkers, and bosses.

And, this, is just one person’s view of what he’d gained from becoming older, and, you gotta admit, there are a TON of perks of being older that you didn’t get when you’re younger too, like now that you’re elderly, people will stand up, and let you have their seats on the busses, or at least, that, is how it’s done here.




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