A Mother’s Blindness

The INABILITIES of you, ladies, to see, that your sons are BAD, instead of good, because you’d always allowed your god DAMN maternal instincts to spoil them losers rotten!

A mother’s blindness, is caused by what she believed to be unconditional love toward her son, and she will keep on, letting his grown ass adult son SUCK on her TITS, whenever he came back to her, crying about whatever!

A mother’s blindness, caused by her maternal instinct, her protective instincts toward her young, and it’s gonna screw HER, along with other women of the younger generations over, and the mother doesn’t even realize this, she still keeps on blindly believing, that I’m only giving my “baby boy” what he needs, even IF he’s about thirty, forty, fifty, OR sixty years old.  For as long as the mother shall live, she will keep on, letting her sons, SUCK her dry.

A mother’s blindness, there is, unfortunately, NO known cure, and, the mother will end up, paying for her SINS (b/c it is one!) for spoiling her adult sons ROTTEN!

When, can a blind mother sees?  At the precise moment, RIGHT before the angels called her up?  Not even, a mother will always and forever BE blind, there’s NO other way ‘round that…

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