A Child Was Hurt, the Kindergarten Won’t Take Responsibilities, the Father of the Child Sued

Let’s see what this one is all about, shall we???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A five-year-old girl last week was injured at a certain kindergarten in Luzhou District, the back of her had had a laceration of about six centimeters, she was sent to the hospitals for stitches; the parents claimed that the instructor had told them that it was his fault and promised to pay, but he’d asked the parents to sign a contract, not going after the instructor, after the parents signed, the kindergarten changed their claims, said that the kid tripped and fell on her own, the parents sued the kindergarten for damages.

The kindergarten refused to come to the public to make a statement, they just said, “Thanks for the concerns, we’re already handling the matter.”

The father of the child, Jiang said, last Wednesday at around eleven forty, he’d gotten a call from the kindergarten, telling him his daughter was injured, after he’d rushed to the hospital, he saw his child with ten suture needles on her head; the kindergarten explained, that the instructor stepped out for just a bit, and asked the other kids, they’d told that the girl was walking along the walls, and another kid who ran into the class bumped into her, she fell, and her head hit the edges of the door.

Mr. Jiang said, that the kindergarten kept promising them that they will take up all the responsibilities for the damages, but later on, he believed that the parents should KNOW what had happened and how the kindergarten intended to pay, wanted the kindergarten to send the papers to him.

But, last Saturday, he’d gotten a text, the kindergarten believed that the child was running and tripped and fell on her own, that the kindergarten will NOT be providing any paperwork, that stated that they were responsible, yesterday the father and daughter went to the school together, asked to talk to the student who rammed into the daughter, but the school turned them down, and the father asked for the surveillance of the classroom, and, the school wouldn’t give it to him.

So clearly, this, is the school trying to DODGE responsibilities for the little girl’s injuries, hello, hello, hello?  Even IF it’s a kid that rammed into another kid, the school IS responsible, after all, this incident happened in school, didn’t it?  And now, my guess would be, that they’re involving the COURT system in this!





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