Being Tested on Things You’d Never Learned Before

This, is what is on the curricula for all you K~12 students inside the systems (by “system”, I mean, the PUBLIC SCHOOL systems!), and, if your child had done awfully on such an exam, what would that mean?  Absolutely NOTHING!

As those “standardized tests” are merely ways for the public ISDs to get more funding, so they could hire MORE under-qualified instructors, and, the levels of the instructors, just like the levels of the students, are both currently, going D-O-W-N.

This, is basically NOT even FAIR, I mean, how do you expect, to pass an exam that covers things you’d never even learned?  And yet, that, is what those standardized testing are having your kids do, and you still don’t believe, that there are reforms needed in the school systems?  Wake UP, all of you, school teachers, AND parents!!!


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