The Young Parents Who Were Too Focused with the Online Interactions Who’d Starved Their Young Daughter to Death Got Five-Years Sentences in Their First Trial

The crimes had been committed, and now, comes the PUNISHMENT phase, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A couple, the Wangs are not well to do, they’d fed their newborn infant girl only a small amount of milk every single day, and when they couldn’t afford the formulas, they’d fed her porridge instead; in the year’s time, the child didn’t get enough food into her systems, she’d died of malnutrition in the end.

In the first trial, the judge took that the parents got intrigued and addicted to online gaming, and would rather spend their money on online gaming, instead of food for their offspring, gave them both five years, four months for the abuse to death and abandonment charges; the high courts mandated that the parents have been found to be mentally retarded and that they’re from low income household, and yesterday, the judge gave them both two years of prison time, which they were allowed to delay serve for five years, and, during the time when they’re waiting to serve time, they’re to remain in custody, the case can still be appealed.

Wang (age 27), works as a janitor, four years ago, had a daughter with his wife who’s one year junior, the three lived in Chungli City of Taoyuan, but, the couple had difficulties keeping themselves fed, and couldn’t give their daughter enough nutrition.  On February 23, 2010, they’d found their child not moving, and her limbs had become cold too, they called up the ambulance, that, was how the case blew open.

The coroner’s reports stated that the one-year-old baby girl was born prematurely, showed signs of delayed development, her skin was flabby, with no fats underneath the skin, the muscles in her limbs had deteriorated, and the head is not in proportion to her body either; the cause of death was shock caused by chemical imbalances, too malnourished, and dehydration.

The couple admitted that their child died of malnutrition, but claimed that they did feed her regularly.  Wang said, he knew what he did was wrong, that he’d made too little money, didn’t have the money for the formula, he knew he failed as the child’s father.

Wang’s mother testified, that the couple would play online games at night; and the courts found that the two spent five, to six hours online, and that they’d run up the electricity bills, along with the bills for their internet, but they wouldn’t use that money for a can of formula that’s only $490N.T.s.

And so, this, is death by negligence, the parents would rather spend ALL their money on the online games, rather than take some of that money, to care and provide for their young, and, how can these people be parents in the first place????


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