Because You Never Saw

Because you never saw, or, was it, that you just wouldn’t ADMIT it to yourself!  Because you never saw how much I needed you in my childhood years, you just kept beating me up, used me, abused me, then, KICKED me to the curb…

Because you never saw, how fragile, how weak I am, and how I needed you in my childhood years, you’d let my sufferings, to go unnoticed, for several years, and you’re still, abusive toward me, even to this date.

Because you never saw your own flaws, or because you had that pride to wear, like that top hat, who knows, you never admitted to wrongdoing, and I ended up, suffering for it, is that even, fair?  Of course N-O-T!!!

Because you never saw, and so, I was, sacrificed, as that lamb, on the altars of your marriage, and now, as I’m old enough, I will too, SACRIFICE, my own offspring, just as you’d sacrificed me, at the altar of your marriage, I will be, sacrificing my own child, ON the altar of MY own marriage…and there’s nothing I can do, to STOP myself, from making the same parenting mistakes you’d done with me………

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Filed under Awareness, Bad Parenting Behaviors, Enmeshment, Negligence, Observations, Re-Experiencing the Trauma, Vicious Cycle

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