Her Memories Became a Jigsaw

She started remembering less and less of what is happening in current day, and can recall those ancient, old events, and, her memory became a jigsaw…

Piece by piece, they started to lose the adhesiveness, and started falling off, so, you’d originally had a completed 5000 pieces of puzzles, all glued together properly, but, as time flies by, the glue wore off, and the pieces, they started falling off, to the outside of the frames.

Her memories became a jigsaw, there’s nothing we can do, but to stay by her side, and help her remember the things she couldn’t anymore, give her small hints, tips, along with help her recall, as for this slow deterioration process, the meds, don’t really work that well anymore, because she is in the later stages now.

Her memories became a jigsaw, that, is all the doctor told us, that eventually, ALL the pieces will fall off, leaving that huge CHUNK of blank, where the puzzle used to be, and, there’s NO way you’ll EVER be able to put the pieces back together, because you too, are growing old, and, eventually, you WILL turn into your mother, as all children end up, living the lives of their parents………

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Filed under Dementia/Deterioration of the Mind, Perspectives, Properties of Life

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