After Their Youngest Daughter Was Placed in Protective Custody, the Pair of Drug-Addicted Parents Still Kept Using and Abusing Drugs

All I can say, is that drugs still gets you SCREWED, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Yao and his wife, Tong got addicted to drugs, when they were both arrested back in August this year, the police found that the couple had used ALL of their money to buy drugs, but their youngest child was crying, because she was hungry; within three months time, the couple got arrested once again, for dealing drugs, Yao claimed that his wife had leukemia, and so, that, was why he’d resorted to dealing drugs, for some easy money, and he’d provided the illegal substances for his wife, to alleviate her pains.

The Detective Squad of the city of Taipei said, that the man, Yao (age 34) from Taoyuan, and his wife (age 31) were both arrested on drug possessions this August.  When the police went to their place to make an arrest, they’d discovered that he’d blown ALL his money away on drugs, while letting his young daughter cry of hunger.  The police quickly used the money they had, to buy some infant formula for the child, and called up social services.

Within just three months, the police received another tip, saying the that Yaos are dealing drugs again, the detectives started setting up a large-scale bust, awhile ago, they’d taken the arrest warrants to Taoyuan to arrest the couple; at their residence, the police found heroin, amphetamine, along with some other illegal substances, and a toy gun that looked very real.

Yao claimed that his wife was diagnosed with leukemia and couldn’t put up with the pains, and in order to help support his own wife, he’d dealt drugs, and used the earnings to keep up the family, and provided the illegal substances for his wife to use to reduce her pain.  As for the toy gun, it was for his own protection, in case someone doesn’t pay him for the illegal substances, and the gun would be on display around his waist, to get the people he was dealing with to believe that it was real so they wouldn’t do anything stupid.  After the police interrogated them, the couple was turned over to the D.A.’s office in Taoyuan to be prosecuted.

And so, you NOT only didn’t have an inkling of remorse for being caught with drugs, you’d used so many excuses, and, you were high on drugs, while your children are crying because they are hungry?  What kind of parents are you!

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