Using the Kids to Restrain Your Husband

This, is NOT only a BAD idea, but, it’s also, BAD parenting too!!!

Using the kids to restrain the husband, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!  I mean, it’s an amazing idea, isn’t it?  You would NOT only be able to manipulate your spouses (one at a time!) into staying by your sides, you will also BE able to restrain them, from fucking ALL their whores too.

Using the kids to restrain your husbands, it’s an amazing idea, at first, after all, he’d done you wrong, and, how amazing revenge will feel, after you’d managed, to turn your kids against their own father?  Using your kids to restrain your husbands, it may work, for a short while, but eventually, it won’t work, because you can’t keep your eyes, GLUED to your hubbies’ (one at a time!!!) behaviors at all times, can you?  How tiring would THAT be!!!

Using your kids to restrain your husband, that, is what we all should learn how, after all, all those LOSERS care about are their S-P-A-W-N-S, and besides, after we’d popped those kiddies out, our “values” greatly depreciates, don’t it?  And no, all of the above is still NOT my point of view………so, don’t BE M-I-S-T-A-K-E-N there…

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