The Son Just Can’t Stay Clean, and the Father Finally Called the Police on His Own Son

Finally, the father had PULL the PLUG here!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A graduate, Peng from a namely public university, had the halo of graduating from a prestigious school works as a instructor at a cram school, but he had gotten into a drug habit, last week, he was arrested for running around nude under the influences of drugs in his residential neighborhood, two days ago, Peng was using drugs again, his father called the police on him, the police found paraphernalia for amphetamine, and booked Peng on possession of illegal substances.

Peng (age 28), last week started running around nude in his neighborhood, the neighbors suspected that he was high, and called the police, after the police interrogated him, they’d booked him based off of possession charges, and he was sent home, after he’d paid his bail.

Ever since his son was out on probation, the father had gone to the son’s place to check on him, the father said, that shortly after the son had come home on bail, everything was still normal, but two days ago, he’d started showing signs of drug use again, he’d turned his heart cold then reported his own son to the police.

“I think something is up with my son again, he might be using again, Mr. police officer, can you please come with me, to my son’s home to check.”  “It’s him again!”, the police followed Peng’s father to his place two days ago, Peng was seemingly in a daze, sitting in the living room, after he’d just finished using drugs, he saw the police come in, then, rushed into his own bedroom, locked the doors, to dodge them.

The officer, Chen and Lin took turns, consoling with him outside his bedroom, said that he has a high degree, is with a bright future, to NOT keep on repeating the same mistakes over, over, and over again, to NOT put his father through so much, after nearly 30 minutes of consoling with him, Peng finally unlocked the door, and, the police confiscated a set of amphetamine paraphernalia in his kitchen.

And so, because this father WAS at wit’s end, so, he finally called the police on his own son, and, imagine how hard it must’ve been, for him, to watch his own son get hauled out into the police station.


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