Unaware of Being Older

Because you’d kept that young state of mind, that, was why aging didn’t really have an effect on you, translated…

We took along our two kids, and the other family is a three-generation family: the grandma, the father, and two elementary school-aged children. We’d gone on this eight-day trip with a tour group, and because the kids are close to each other in age, we’d hung out together.  On the last day, we’d returned to the airports back home, the children from the two families are still unwilling to part from one another.  The dad hurried the child along, “Tell ‘great aunt’ goodbye, our ride’s almost here……” ha, I’m already “bumped up to” a “grandmother” now!

As our new friends left, the two kids hid their smiles away from me, when they’d heard the term, “great aunt”, they’d listed their heads, to find the person. I mumbled to myself, “My children call you ‘uncle’, why did you have your children call me ‘great aunt’………”, but, recalling this father who’s at least twelve years junior, he’d called me “aunt” all the way, until the end of the trips, and I didn’t bother correcting him, then, his kids would surely have to call me “great aunt” then!

Don’t know when it’d started happening, the sales rep at the wholesales place stopped calling me “Ms.”, instead, called me “Ma’am”; as I’d gone to shop for clothes, the owners would lead me pass the “one-size” racks, and took me into the more expensive, with the better clothes section; as if I’d become more cherishing toward everything now, wanted to save more time for my families, my kids; and those hard-to-deal with illnesses no longer just happened to my elders, friends my age started going in and out of the hospital wards, and they must be on certain meds consistently now; and, when I’d heard about some new diets, I’d wanted to try them out first; and when I’d heard about the heart palpitations, the insomnias that some friends are experiencing, I’d believed that I’m among the lucky ones who hadn’t experienced it yet, starting to feel that keeping up with my physiques is no longer that important , health comes first; and I’d told myself, “whatever! Those gossipers can talk.”

When the younger generations of children around me grew up one by one, started families, getting into careers, my very first group of students asked me, “Teacher, my child is about to be schooled, will he have you too?”, I recalled this child, like it was yesterday, when he sat crying in my classroom, with tears, gazing toward his families outside, who were about to leave him for the day, that, was the first day of elementary school for him! I’d always kept an excellent vision, with a slight case of farsightedness, and NO nearsightedness, a few years ago, I saw how the friends around me all got their old age glasses, I’d still felt it was incredible.  One day, all of a sudden, I’d needed the glasses too, and the moment I put on those glasses with the slightest measurements, it became real easy for me to read, and the world before me, lit up.

Really, am I getting older?

I’d always felt, that I can still walk really quick, and I can still hear very clearly, see very clearly too, with the amazing abilities to learn new things, and the students I taught still came, year after year, and they’re all children ages seven or eight, I’d never knew, that “maturity” would sneak up on behind me like this. Worked in this profession for almost thirty years, I’d all of a sudden, gained an understanding, of Confucius’s words, and because these years, I was so unaware of aging, it’s really because I have a ton of things to occupy my mind at work, the good, and the bad!

And so, am I, really aged?

So this, is one woman’s realization, because she’d managed to keep her state of mind, and her brains young, and so, there’s this inconsistency of how she looks to the outside world, and how she feels about herself.

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