Sculpting Sand

You DO realize, this, is one of those, POINTLESS things that people who got too much time on their hands do, right???  Sculpting sand, why?  Do you NOT know, that no matter how many hours you’d spent, putting that amazing looking sand sculpture together, it’ll eventually get washed over by the tides?  And, ALL of your hard work would’ve become for naught!

And yet, there are still so many people who head out there to the beaches, and sculpted the sand, but why?  Perhaps, they realized, how short-lived those sculptures can be, which, is why they’re trying to make the best of the time given?  A whole lot like life, isn’t it???  sculpting sand, this, is a pastime, I suppose, for those of you who got too much time on your hands, who wouldn’t mind that wave (it still doesn’t have to be a HUGE tidal wave either), rushing in, and, destroying your endless hours of work, and people actually make a competition out of this pointless activity too (no offense!)

Through sculpting sand, maybe, you realized, how fragile everything is in life?  And that would make you take everything as precious, maybe???  Sculpting sand, it’s more than a hobby, it’s a way of life for some, because, one can gain a LOT of understandings about life that they don’t normally focus on, or pay attention to, in every day living, so yeah, go ahead, pick that hobby up too!


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