A Man Falsified as a Rich Man and Pretended that He Was a God-Fearing Man, to Scam the “Cougars”

SCAMMED!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Two nights ago, the Taipei City police arrested two men, Cheng and Chen, they’d found, that one had enticed gay males; while the other was dating “cougars”, and when they’d gone on dates, they’d read the Bible, to mask up their real selves, and to scam the men and women, an estimation of ten males, twenty females fell victim to them.  The police booked the two men based off of fraud, along with other charges.

The police pointed out, that Chen (age 28), is a holder of a master’s degree from a public university, and because he’s out of a job, and had a drug habit, started in September, he’d started looking online, for gay men, to have one-night-stands; he’d asked the men to trade photos of penis with him, and after he’d gone to the hotels, if the other person isn’t what he was into, he’d steal the other person’s credit cards and cash while the other men were taking their showers, then, used the excuse of something came up at home, or that after they’d had intercourse, he’d found reasons to leave, then, stolen the credit cards.

The Taipei police squad got a tip, and learned that he was about to go out on a date with someone, and the moment he’d walked out of the hotel, the police made an arrest.  He’d admitted to committing ten cases, and the victims include people from Singapore on business here, and Japanese on business to Taiwan too.

And, the handsome man, Cheng (age 40), claimed that he was an avid Christian, three years ago, met a cougar on a social networking site, claimed that he wanted to go out with her, with the intentions of marriage; in order to put her mind at ease, he’d dressed himself up to the nines, and read the Holy Bible on their “date”, and the “cougar” fell for it.

He was a self-proclaimed real-estate agent who sold houses that were repossessed by banks, and used the excuse of needing cash, and would borrow money from the “cougars” from time to time; in the three years, the “cougar” had loan out over three million dollars that she has herself, along with the cash from her own parents, out to Cheng, at the start of this year, Cheng found, that the woman is broke, and stopped contacting her altogether, and the cougar realized that she’d been scammed and notified the Da-An police subprecinct.

The police investigations found, that Cheng was NOT a first time fraud offender, that over a decade ago, he’d posted an ad, looking for “cowboys” on the papers, and managed to scam the close to one-hundred men who’d replied for their cell phones, and nearly half-a-million dollars’ worth of cash, he still has an active arrest warrant for his fraud charges.

Two nights ago, the police arrested him, and found that recently, he’d gotten close to “cougars”, claimed that he’d worked for a large corporation that seeks out nannies for children, then claimed that the boss had iPhone as a key card, enticed the ladies to get iPhones, and took them outside the large corporation’s buildings, then, took their phones, and the ladies waited outside the doors for so long, e before they finally realized, that they were scammed; he’d admitted to scamming almost twenty women using this method.

Wow, how vulnerable are you, ladies?  And, just because a man claims he’s something, that still doesn’t mean that he is, and, anybody can falsify her/his statuses, it’s that easy these days, so, DO beware, and don’t fall for this sort of SHITS again, and this LOSER is still appealing to the weakness in humanity too.


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