Kept Locked Up for Too Long

She was kept locked up for too long, now that she’d regained her freedom, she doesn’t know what to do with it, so she crawled, BACK inside that cage that she had been kept in…

That, would be the aftermath of being locked up for too long, you would forget how to be free again.  Kept locked up for too long, these secrets had been, and yet, they’d still snuck their ways out of my body at night.

Kept locked up for too long, when she is finally freed from her jail cell, she started running wild, uncontrolled, and, NOBODY could EVER get her back inside that cage again.  Kept locked up for too long, you’d forget what free feels like, and even if the gates were to swing right open in front of you, you wouldn’t know how to react, or what to do, you’d probably just sit inside that small cage, where you’d been kept for so long, and, this “jail cell” will NEVER be broken again, because you now had, trapped yourselves, inside your mental prison!

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