One Out of Six Female Students on MIT Campus Had Been Raped

This, IS the SHOCKING statistics, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology publicized the findings of the surveys on the 27th, and it showed, that of the female students surveyed, about seventeen percent (roughly one-sixth) had been sexually assaulted, and yet, there were only five percent who’d reported it to the authorities, and the male victims took up about five percent.

The New York Times reported, that the survey results in M.I.T. was similar to the survey results that are available today, in a recently quoted research, it pointed out that about nineteen-percent of all of the American female college students had gotten raped or had someone attempted to rape them, but, there was not a survey that dug as deep as the one conducted in M.I.T.

The prestigious schools normally wouldn’t slap its own face.  The co-founder of the “Ending rapes on campuses” organization, Pinot stated that, “it’s important to have a prestigious school like M.I.T. that took the lead”.

The president of M.I.T., Reif, said, that he was deeply unsettled by the result of the surveys, and that rapes are against the core values of the school, that it should NOT exist.  The dean of admissions on the one hand, posted out the ways to prevent rapes on campuses, and on the other, pointed out that there were only thirty-five percent of the population who were interviewed, “the results are not enough to show the entire school’s situation.”

At the end of April this year, MIT handed out surveys to nearly 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students, about 35 percent, 3,844 students who’d replied to the surveys.  The survey defined sexual rape as being improper physically, forcibly kissing, forced fellating (including attempts), or rapes (attempts).  Some of the interviewed said, that when they were not being forced, they’d considered some of these actions to be sexual harassments.

And there were only a five-percent rate of report for rapes, and, half of the interviewed individuals believed that the situation wasn’t serious enough for them, to report it to the schools, and that they were not hurt intentionally.  And there were almost half of those who were interviewed said, that they were at fault too, that, was why they didn’t notify the authorities.

And that, is just a SMALL piece of what’s WRONG with the views of these college students, because they do NOT take these things seriously enough, and, they’d blamed themselves, because they should not have put themselves in that sort of situation in the first place, and guess what THIS teaches the psychos???  NOTHING good, that for sure!  And rapes on these prestigious campuses, I would imagine, would get swept under the rugs, because the school has a REPUTATION to uphold, and, that, would be how those students still suffered in silence!

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