The Choice Between “Bread” & Love

As you can already guess, this is still, a story on marriage, translated…

My coworker is a admired-by-everybody beauty, as she part-timed through her schooling career, she’d met her boyfriend, they’d dated for ten years, and, right when they were discussing the matter of marriage, she’d found that his family has a serious debt problem, and even her boyfriend’s mother was taking out a loan from her, so, do they keep going in love?  Or, do they split up?

A lot of friends consoled her, to think it over again, after all, “bread”, is still very important, but, after careful contemplation on the matter, it was hard, for her to bid farewell to the love she’d felt for this long a time, she’d decided to marry him in the end.

After the marriage, they lived with his mother, and, his salaries are used to pay up the family debts, and hers, went into the rent, the utilities, along with their regular living expenses.  In order to make more money, she could only put in her overtimes at the office, she’d worked very hard, and still, without a word of complaint.  They would often fight over the monetary matters, sometimes, when the husband ran out of money, he would ask her to provide for him.

After marriage, she’d felt, that her husband turned so cold, it’d made her heart cold too.  And she now realized, that she’s now, in charge of keeping her husband’s household up and running, and the enormous economic stresses this placed on her, it became such a burden, making her suffocate.  She’d also come to her senses that love and marriage, is NOT like the fairytales, where the prince and the princess will live happily ever after, instead, it’s the beginnings of the trials in their lives.

Seeing how thin she’s slowly getting by the day, and how tired she’d become, I couldn’t help but sigh: love is not a true or false question, without right OR wrong, just the choices; and still, which one is more important, love or “bread”?

From a sound mind’s angle, of COURSE, the BREAD is more important than the love, after all, IF you can’t even feed yourselves, HOW the HELL would you have the spare money, the spare MIND, to even THINK about love, and plus, love is that THIRD level of Hierarchy of Needs?  And this woman simply made the WRONG decisions in life, and now, there’s NO going back to before WHEN she made the errors of her life, so she could have an alternative ending to her “fairytales”…

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