When You Can’t See Beyond Tomorrow

When you can’t see beyond tomorrow, because the CLOUDS are so fucking (oopsy!!!) dark right now, and it’s obstructing ALL of your hopes and dreams, then, you will lose hope, and, when you lost that, you will D-I-E!

There was a time, when I couldn’t see beyond tomorrow too, that, was a DARK time in my life, and yet, I’d STUCK to my G-U-N-S, and finally, the clouds rolled back, and the sun started, smiling IN my face (yay me!!!).  When you can’t see beyond tomorrow, because you’re too bogged down by your past and present, there’s NOTHING you can do, because you’re S-T-U-C-K, there’s NOWHERE for you to go.

When you can’t see beyond tomorrow, then, you should, look H-A-R-D-E-R, because the day after tomorrow, is just TWO days from where you currently are, and, things may still take a turn for the worse, before they get better, but, even IF that’s the case, it’s NOT that far downward, that you have to go, until you’d HIT rock bottom, and then, you will surely, rise BACK up again.

When you can’t seen beyond tomorrow, there’s nothing you C-A-N do, because you’re totally STUCK, in that bad place in your own minds, and, you had, fallen, into the A-B-Y-S-S, and, there’s N-O-T-H-I-N-G anybody C-A-N do for you, and, you’re all alone, on your own now……………

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