The Farm of Happiness of an Engineer, on Changing Tracks


Recently, I’d gotten reconnected with a classmate from high school, and I’d found, that he’d experienced a shift in his life, originally, he works as an engineer, at a high tech factory, he’d gotten all the way up to a high managerial position, but, his boss took the investments, ran off, causing the company to shut down, and, he and his colleagues all faced the facts of not having a job anymore.

He’d quickly sent in his résumé all over the places, but, he’d had a difficult time, and so, he’d gotten this new thought. Working long-term in the workforce, pulling in the double overtimes, caused him to have high blood pressure, fatty liver, along with other health issues, he’d stopped searching for a new job, gone home to the countryside of Tainan, to get better, his wife and kids, still stayed in Taipei, and they’d gone back home to him on the weekends.

In the leisure days he had in Tainan, he’d become the owner of a farm, he’d used the open field at home, and started planting edible vegetations, including tomatoes, squash, loofa, carrots, cabbage, etc., etc., etc., and other than that, he’d dug up a pond himself, to keep some fish. Even though he majored in information technology in school, but he’d kept his interests in gardening and biology, he was once the horticultural club president of his school.  So, planting the flowers, the vegetables, and keeping some fish, wouldn’t be at all that hard for him.

And, on top of that, he’d used his training from his work, to control the quality of his foods, to keep a close eye on the growth of things. He was like a nanny, taking care of his small world well, for instance, before the typhoon came, he’d predicted that the fields and the pond would be damaged by the pouring rain, he’d stayed up all night long, dug up all the vegetations, and placed them all inside the crates he’d prepared beforehand, and used the organic soils to keep them hovered up; and he’d scooped up all the fish, and placed them all in the sink.

After the typhoon, he’d worked days and nights, to rebuild his farm, after a few months, he saw the fruits and vegetables he’d planted getting better, along with the fishes he’d kept, growing healthier, and enjoyed the time of harvest, and fishing, alongside his wife and children. And now, he has the satisfied smiles from his family, and he felt, that this, was the time of bliss, which he didn’t have the chance of experiencing, when he worked as an engineer before.

With the successful tries of planting vegetable, keeping fishes, he is now, filled with confidence, he’d increased the types of vegetables he’d planted, and, took these natural, organic products to the marketplace. He’d made the process of his work public, guaranteed to the buyers, that there was NO agricultural chemicals being used.  And even though, his products were a bit pricy, but, the quality had gained the trust of the consumers, and quickly, his products were sold out.

And now, he’d turned himself into a successful organic farm owner, found his second spring in career; and because he’d worked in the fields on a day-to-day basis, watched his diet, all the problems he used to have are now gone.

For him, this sort of a career change, it’s actually for the better.

And so yeah, there is still that adjustment phase in this, and, it was NOT easy, I’m quite sure of it, and yet, because of this man’s persistence, his firm beliefs, that, was how he was able to make a name for himself, which just shows, that it’s NEVER too late, to make a change in your lives, to start over.

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