The Paper’s In-Depth Reports Had Made the Department of Labor Take Note, and Now, It’s Legal, for Those Handicapped, to Sell Things on the Streets

See, sometimes, ALL it takes, is someone who RANTED a bit louder, and, you’d get the public’s, and the government’s attention, this, is the result, of yesterday’s reports, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The community who’d helped handicapped individuals to make a living, using what they have, that’s been doubted, for seven years by the general public, is now, hopeful, that through the department of labor and the social services department of Hsinbei City, they can now, become, a legit business; this change in the legislations, had made the members of this huge “family” all too glad.

“We don’t hope for a TON of money earned through selling the items, just that the public doesn’t look down on us, for how we made our separate living.”, Mr. Chen, who’d sparked the ventures, by calling on over ten physically handicapped individuals, to set up a “company” said, he was all too grateful, to the concerns, shown to them by the public, and the mindset he’d taken when he’d accepted the interviews by the papers were to merely let the public know about how they were using what they have, to make a living, so they wouldn’t be discriminated against.

He’d stated, he’d never imagined, that being blacklisted that he was NOT qualifying for the low income sustenance by the government “had helped made the dreams he’d carried with him for multiple years a possibility”, he gladly accepted the government counseling programs that would help make his business legit, “I’m truly grateful toward the one who blew the whistles on me”.

He’d stressed, that handicapped people are independent, and had used what they have, to sell things, and even though, the profits are a bit higher, compared to when they sold things on their own, but, with each other’s social support, it’s like a family, and that they’re NOT looking to SCAM the public.

And that just shows, what a GREAT difference, a little bit of attention underneath the spotlight can make, all it took, was the papers, reporting about the issues, and the government started taking notice, and this still shows how we MUST bring these things that are happening all around us, into the public’s awareness, so, changes can be made, to make people’s lives better. HAIL!  To the POWER of the M-A-S-S-E-S!!!



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