Calling Myself a Loser for Cheating

Because I got caught, with my pants down, by the public, and so, I must make myself look bad, beat myself up, so, the world would go easier on me??? Calling myself a loser for cheating, this, is just ONE of the many techniques that those losers comes up with, to get themselves off the hooks easy, and, because the public sees that oh, they’re already feeling bad enough about getting caught with their pants down, maybe, we should just look the other way, and ignore the fact, that he’s a public figure, and has ways of influences the masses.

Calling myself a loser for cheating, yeah, see how your partners feel about it, and my guess would be, that your partners would step up to the plates, and appear before public, and tell the masses to STOP grilling you, you’d already suffered enough, isn’t that right?  And, in all of this, you’re still, the master manipulator, aren’t you?  And the rest of us just don’t have a single C-L-U-E, because you think of us as being DUMBER than you, is that it???  Well, think again, the rest of us is NOT as simple-minded as you out there.

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Filed under Bad Behaviors, Excuses, Messed Up Values, Observations, Perspectives

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