Seven Hundred Hand-Knitted Hats, Given to Elderly Who Lived Alone

The power of the masses here, translated…

The average age of seventy volunteer moms, in the urging of councilwoman, Huei-Jen Jaing, finished knitting a total of seven hats, and before the winter comes, they’re to deliver the items to elderly people who lived alone.  The volunteer, Liu told, that even though she’d just had surgeries on her eyes, she’d thought about the good she’s doing, she doesn’t dare slack off, and spent twelve hours a day, knitting away.

Jiang said, that the office she worked in, the volunteer, Chien, had taught knitting for over forty years, but, with the times changing, less and less people are taking it up, “I don’t have any place, to show my talents”, and so, she’d found manufacturers of yarn, to donate the material, to allow Chien, to teach the seventy volunteers how to knit, and, as the finished knitting the hats, they’d given it to elderly who lived alone.

The volunteer, Lin-Chang knitted sixty yarn hats in just two months, she said, I’m able to finish one per day, “And leaving ALL other household chores to my husband to do”, she could fry a fish, while she knits too!

And so, this, is how someone CAN help out, even IF they don’t have any specialty skills, they just put their heads together, and come up with an innovative way to make a difference in the lives of others, in this case, it’s the elderly people’s lives they’d managed to touch.


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