Strong Sense of Loss


She’d lost her baby tooth, and she cried like HELL in the kindergarten.  The teacher couldn’t find out why she was crying so hard, she’d written it down on the assignment books.  As she arrived home, her mother became worried, held on to her, asked her what’d happened.  “I didn’t look after my things.”, she’d told her mom.  “Mom, please, don’t be mad”, two strings of pearls, started falling from her round face once more.

Later, I kept trying to find it, finally, I had, I’d hide my baby teeth away in a small box, that box was made of plastic, translucent, with a rusty chain hanging from it, might have been the box for some sort of toys before.  I’d opened up the box, and, ALL of my baby teeth were there, in rows, and smiling back at me.

I excitedly showed the box of baby teeth to her mom, as she took a look, her face sank, used her cell phone to call her up, “where are you, young lady?  It’s late, and you’re NOT coming home yet?”, her mother would often scream at the phones late at night, because we couldn’t find her often.

And so, the first part, the loss is the child’s, and the next part, the narrator’s, and that last part, it’s the girl’s mothers, because the mother felt that she has absolutely NO control over her own child, now that she’s slowly growing up, it’s something that ALL parents MUST learn to deal with, and, it’s time to let go already!!!

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Filed under Cause & Effect, Childhood, Empty Nest, Letting Go, Loss, Parent-Child Interactions

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