A Man Zoomed in on a Woman He Has a Crush On…the One-Sided Love Became Harassment, He’d Attacked Her Breasts, and Claimed that He Was Helping to Scratch an Itch

A story of a M***ER F***ER (b/c I “maxed out”???) on the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man Lee, had gone to his secret crush’s home to “stand guard”, he’d took her cell phone with the documentations of his bad behaviors from her, and stayed for fifty days in jail and after he was released, he still did it again, went to the woman’s home, her work, and waited for her endlessly, he’d even taped love notes to her motorcycle. The woman got so furious that she’d grabbed his hair, and took photos as evidence, Lee, as he broke free, touched her breasts three times, and was sentenced to five months for breaking the laws against sexual harassment, and he could pay his way out of serving time, the case is settled.

Two years ago on May 25, Lee started standing guard at the woman’s home, but, it’s one-sided, she wasn’t interested in him, and after he was found guilty for forcefully taking her phone from her, he still didn’t give up, several times, he’d gone to her home and her workplace in Hsinbei City, to stand guard, and had posted slips of notes on her motorcycle, stating he wanted to date her.

Last year on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, Lee took a string of specialty food items and waited, endlessly, at her place, after she’d said “no thanks”, he still insisted on staying by her house. The woman could no longer put up with it, grabbed his hair, and took photos as evidence, called the cops, in order to get off, Lee told the woman, “if you don’t let me go, I’ll touch you”, and attacked her breasts twice; he was pulled down to the ground by the woman, and he’d attacked her breasts once, then, ran off.

As the courts presided the case, Lee was accused of sexual harassment, he’d claimed that his “lover” grabbed onto his hair and his clothes, that in order for her to loosen her grip, he’d tickled her under her arms, the two of them fell to the ground, and he’d tickled her again, that he never touched her breasts. But, the victim came forth and told, that after she’d reported him for sexual harassment, he’d still continued stalking her, “He really harassed me too many times, I hope the courts will give him a heavy sentence.”

The first ruling was that Lee broke the anti-sexual harassment laws, and was sentenced to five months in prison, which he could pay his way out of from serving real time; Lee was unhappy with the results, and he went for an appeal, the highest courts didn’t believe Lee’s statements, believed that he showed NO signs of remorse, maintained the rulings of the first trial.

Are you FUCKING (don’t pardon me this time!!!) shitting me here? And that, just shows how LENIENT the laws still is, regarding the punishment of sex offenders, and, this man will keep on harassing the woman, until something even WORSE happened, and, the woman does NOT love you, she’d told you FLAT out, so, what the FUCK is your problem?

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