A Man Used His Cell Phone, to Shoot Footages of a Woman’s Panties, Was Chased Down by the Woman

The evils you’d done, still managed to catch UP to you, didn’t it, you M***ER F***ING horned dog!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Lin, was suspected of using his cell phone, to record down the panties of women who were wearing skirts or dresses, at the East side of Taipei, Ximenting, along with other locations, he’d used the steps of the escalator to help him, yesterday, he’d chosen a woman in a long dress as his next victim, the very first time, he’d attempted it in Jiangdzitsuei MRT station, he’d accidentally touched the woman’s ankle, and it alarmed her, he was caught, in the act.

The police investigated, that Lin (age 26) was a college graduate, with NO priors, looked like a gentleman, had worked as the editor for some television station, but suspected that because of the stresses from work, he’d started taping under women’s dresses, starting in June of 2012, and there were at least SEVENTEEN women who fell victim to this.

The police pointed out, that the woman who caught him two nights ago, said goodbye at the MRT stations, as she was riding the escalator, she felt someone touching her ankles, she’d turned around, saw Lin, half-squatted behind her, then, ran off quickly after he’d been spotted by her, she instinctively thought that she was being taped, went after him.

As Lin saw how the woman won’t stop pursuing him, he’d ran faster still, and it’d gotten the attention of the patrol officer from Vincent Subprecinct, the officer helped the woman catch Lin, and checked his cell phone, but the footage had already been deleted.

The officers used a recovery program of the memory cards, and found the footage, and reviewed the surveillance tapes, and confirmed that Lin was indeed, filming the woman underneath her skirt, and they’d done a search of his home, and discovered that in his flash drive, and computer, there were over ten photos of underneath women’s skirts.

Lin admitted to what he’d done, and told the police that he’d NOT filmed the women without their knowledge for these couple of years, and that since he was out of a job this June, he could find nothing to do, and that, was what drove him to start peeping again.  The police booked him based off of obstruction of secrecy, and they’re zooming in, to see if there were more victims.

Yeah, because you were out of a job, and had too much time on your hands, that, was why you’d started taping women’s underwear, underneath their skirts, is that it?  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  What of those ladies who were taped, without knowledge?  Their rights are the ones being violated here, isn’t it???

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