When Racism Became an Epidemic

And, I’m sorry (truly!!!) to tell all of you, that there’s still NO one-dose cure for this problem!!!

When racism became an epidemic, and we’re not talking about segregation like in the 1950, or was it the 1960s, how the HELL should I know??? I’m talkin’ about being stereotyped against based off of the way you appeared to be, or your sexual orientation, or things that can be used, to define who you are.

When racism became an epidemic, is there a way, we can contain it??? Sure, by education, but, that still won’t work fast enough, because, if you think about educating everybody on this FREAKIN’ planet (how many people are here right now again???  Exactly!!!), and we also need to make sure, that what they learned in those “classrooms” gets taken OUT into the real world, meaning that the pupils are still not just nodding their heads, but shaking their brains out inside.

When racism became an epidemic, oh wait, isn’t it already spreading quickly right now? And no, I’m still not saying the geographic-specific here, it’s just how the world looks right now, and, we’re still going backwards, and we don’t even realize it, because we’re all marching, in synchrony, and so, we LACKED the awareness, because we’re too close to the deal?

When racism became an epidemic, I’m afraid, that it’s gonna spread like the Ebola virus, or the West Nile virus, or some OTHER viruses, and you KNOW how quickly those things mutate, because they want to survive inside their hosts too, you DO realize that, don’t you???

Once again, this, is still just one “man’s” perspective, feel free to agree OR disagree, I’m just stating what’s on my freakin’ mind right now………

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