The Water Running Off of a Cliff

From the Steep Cliffs of Your Thighs that’s Winding, Water’s Running Downward

I Held on to the Bucket for You, Imagining

That the Thousand-Year-Old Snows Have a Couple of

Drops, Melting Down

Sitting Here,

Dry and Waiting in This Cave I Looked Upward

Your Thin Frame Became an Old Pine Tree

Even Though, the Buds are Faced to the Winds

But, They Will Never Sway Again

The Sands of Time Kept Falling Downward

I Still Carried the Bucket, Waiting

In the Dark of Night, drop…drop…drop…drop

It’d Waken Me Up from My Distant Dreams

And so, this, is what it’s like, taking care of an elderly person, the offspring/caretaker must stay by her/his side, like a mother, at the side of her child, and, because this elderly person can’t urinate, the offspring must wait patiently for the parent to do so, then, the offspring would feel more at ease, this, is a good example of “paying back the parent who raised you”, and, NOT all the offspring would be willing OR able to do this for one’s own parents too.

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