The Emotional Garbage Can

We ALL need to POUR our hearts out sometimes, as the burdens they’d carried become too FREAKIN’ H-E-A-V-Y, and, if we don’t “unload”, we’d get bogged down.

And so, we all need emotional garbage can, and where, can we “buy” one of those SUCKERS you ask?  Well, you can go into that shrink’s office, sit or lie down, on her/his couch, and yap for just fifty minutes, and, right in the middle of your thought, your shrink’s surely to interrupt you and say, “Sorry, so-and-so, our time’s up for this session, come back next week, month, or whatever!”

The emotional garbage can can be an assortment of things, like the four walls you’re currently living in, or that rag doll you’d had with you since your childhood days, the one you’d told your deepest, darkest secrets too, it’s basically anything that can help you with the burdens you’re carrying.

The emotional garbage can, I was once, and I will NEVER be again, because carrying everybody ELSE’s emotions is just way too heavy, for a child like I once was.  The emotional garbage can, this, is an all-too-hard “position” to manage, for NOBODY deserves to be on the RECEIVING end of your FUCKING (oopsy!!!) T-R-A-S-H, and, who the F*** (“maxed out”???) gave YOU the right, to litter all over the places?  Exactly!


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