Don’t Get Used to Complaining

You can rant, from time to time, but, do NOT make it into a H-A-B-I-T!!!  Translated…

A friend who makes a very high income, every time she’d called me, she’d complained on, and on, either about her household chores, the relationship between her husband and her, her daughter, or her health, it’s as if, I’d become, her therapist already.

I’d reminded her from time to time, “I hope that you’d called me up, to share something positive that’s happened in your life.”  After she’d heard, she’d get on the right tracks, but, in a few more days, she’d fallen back, into her original routine again, continued, complaining.

She’d asked me, “It seems that you are not troubled at all, because I’d rarely heard you complain.”

I told her, “Who doesn’t have worries, who doesn’t have the reality to deal with, I just focus on finding a solution, and try NOT to magnify my worries.”  I’m not superman, and toward those who dumped their emotional trash on me, if I wasn’t in a good mood, naturally, I’d be affected too, and it’d drained out my energies as well, so, naturally, I must find a way to resolve it all.

On a beautiful weekend morning, she’d called me up again, to complain about her husband, I’d told her with this persistence in my voice, to stop her from keep going, I’d told her, “If you’d gotten used to complaining, it will only limit your life.”

After she hears, she’d took up all the negativities said, “Okay, okay, NO more complaining!”  The meds that worked best are usually the most bitter, I hope my friend can truly benefit from it.

This, is NOT only a great way to drive ALL your friends away, (if that’s what you’re looking to doing!), but if it’s not, DO remember, that the one you’re pouring your hearts out to may have some things that s/he is dealing with, and, they may already have too much on their plates, and, they still have to listen to you complain?  Get real here!


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