A Man Lied to His Spare that They Will Die Together, and He Was the One Who Survived, Got Sentenced to Six Months in Prison

And she was still DUMB enough to fall for it?  When, will you learn, woman???  Oh wait, it’s too late, you’re already D-E-A-D!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An interior designer, Cheng had an affair for eleven years, his girlfriend wanted to break it off with him, Cheng took his girlfriend’s identity and set up a Facebook account on her behalf, posted the nude photos, and, invited her friends and family to “join her circle of friends”.  The woman begged him to delete the account, or she’ll kill herself, Cheng replied, “Let’s die together then, and the girlfriend really DID leap off of a building and killed herself.  The Shihlin District Courts gave Cheng a six months sentence based off of forced acts, which he could pay a fine, to get out of serving time, the D.A. is discussing an appeal of the case right now.

The original indictments of Cheng had included, “artificial suicide”, “obstructions of secret”, “damaging reputations” and “obstructions of privacy”, but the woman’s father and older brother agreed to settle with 3.8 million dollars, the family withdrew the case.

Cheng (age 47) eleven years ago, had an affair with a then-nineteen year old female employee, they’d break up and got back together over and over again.  Two years ago, his girlfriend (age 30) had a new boyfriend, brought up the subject of breaking up.  Cheng believed that he’d been cheated, used the name, “Hated Once’, set up a Facebook account, and used his girlfriend’s headshot as the picture, then, posted her sex life, her shower onto the photo album online. Cheng had invited the “enemy” Chen to join as her friend, her coworkers, and her families as well, the niece of his girlfriend got an invite, and browsed online, and saw her aunt, naked.  After his girlfriend learned, she’d broken down, begged Cheng to let her go, and claimed, “I’ll die in front of you right now!”.  Cheng replied, “I’ll accompany you then”, falsely claimed he was willing to die with her.  Cheng begged to see her, to get back together, and claimed, “I only live for you.”

The third day after Cheng set up the Facebook account in his girlfriend’s name, the girlfriend gone to leap off of a building and killed herself; the police searched Cheng’s house, and they’d found the laptop, with the deceased nude photos, along with thirty-six DVDs.  The wife who’s been married to Cheng for twenty-two years didn’t even know her husband was having an affair until she received a court order, and how the other woman killed herself, because he wouldn’t let her go.

As the judge was ruling the case, because the family of the deceased was willing to settle, and he’d taken into consideration, that Cheng had elderly parents and children, Cheng was sentenced to six months in prison, along with a fine.  On the charge of assisting a suicide, the judge believed that the dialogue on Facebook are like the ranting of when couples are arguing, that it didn’t constitute as aiding to the suicide.

And because this L-O-S-E-R didn’t have the BALLS to commit suicide, he survived, and, if you ask me, six months in prison is still too lenient, after all, the woman DID die, because of him, and, the cost of a life is still way too cheap here!

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