Parachuting Through Life

That, was the way he’d treated life, like it was a death-defying jump, and each and every time, he had NO way of knowing, IF he’ll make it through all right…

Parachuting through life, it’s kinda nice, because you’re up in the skies so high, you could get a better perspective of things that are happening down there (on earth???), and you’d be able see things more clearly, compared to when you’re on the ground.

Parachuting through life, life’s a leap of faith, so, why don’t you, just put that blindfold back on, and take that very FIRST leap, and know, that whichever way, or however you end up, it’s meant to be.  Parachuting through life, he’d gone on several journeys already, and, even as he aged, he’s still, STARING danger, RIGHT in the eyes.

Parachuting through life, guess I must conquer my fear of heights first, then, I’ll be able to, live, just as vicariously, just as freely, and without the restraints as he’d done, huh???

Parachuting through life, and I still don’t give a SHIT, if I fall to my death, because we all die, eventually, so, why fear death, when it’s imminent, when it’s bound to happen to us all, and, why not, just throw CAUTION to the wind, after all, I’d lived my entire life, too careful, and it’s time for a change here…………

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