Do the Children Really Want it, Or, are They Just Ranting, Because Other Kids Have it?

A instructional technique in classroom management, translated…

The school had recently started, in a session, a child saw how another class’s teacher taught the children to draw the woman who rose up to the moon, making her companion rabbit, and wear the pomelo skin as a hat, a couple of children kept begging me, hoping that they can do some activities, related to the Mid-Autumn Festivals.  I told them, no problem, to give me just two days, to think of the activities I can have them do; then, two days later, no child in my class reminded me, and, I’d forgotten all about it too, because of how busy I was………

I trust, that everybody has had similar experiences: seeing some specialty products on the newspapers, and felt moved, to buy.  And two choices surface: one, let go of the newspapers, and run out to get that item right now, and in the end, the thing you bought, might either be what you truly wanted, or, it could be quickly dispose of; secondly, to wait a little while, think hard, after discussions with someone on the matter, go out, get it at a later date.

And, in the realms of teaching, when we met situations like this with the kids, the adults must become consciously aware, and use their wisdom, the experiences, to decide, when the child is asking for something, is s/he really want it, or is s/he just “going along with the flow”?

Once, the school had kids make Christmas cards, and gave the different classes different colored papers, and, the colors of the papers are not identical, and the texture, varied too, so naturally, nobody has the same kind of paper to work with.  At which time, a student asked the instructor, “How come he has a certain color”, “How come my paper is this color?”, “How come her paper’s thicker………”.

I asked him, “Do you want to switch?”, he nodded, and so, I’d asked my class, to raise up their hands if they wanted a trade, there were over ten kids who raised their hands (don’t know if they’re just going along with the flow, or if they really wanted to switch), then, I’d told the class, “Sure you can trade, but, come to me, ‘on your own’ after class, and now, we must follow through with our lessons…”

And, after the class was over, those over ten kids all ran off outside, to play, I understood, that they didn’t “really” want to trade, they’re just blindly, following along.  At the start of the next period, I asked, “didn’t you guys holler on and on about trading colors?”, a lot of the students brushed me off, “We forgot,” I’d continued, “If you ‘truly’ wanted something, would you forget about it?”, the kids replied, “No, we don’t think so.”  I continued, “If your next class is computer or physical education, would you forget to go to the right classrooms or the field?”  “If we have a graduation trip next month or have a party in class, would you forget the dates?”

We all have similar experiences, because we cared about a certain things, so, no matter what, we will remember it, have it written down on a notebook, or record it down on your cell phones, this, is only natural; and if it’s not really that necessary, we would normally be under the impulse of the moment, and, would forget about it, with the passing of time, and, our emotions will calm back down slowly.

Not long thereafter, the computer instructor told the kids that there’s an adjustment, from Monday, to Friday, I’d declared it to the kids, and, they all made noises that signified that they’re unhappy about it, and you can see how the kids truly enjoyed their computer course!  And, almost every day, the kids would “harass-remind”: “Teacher, DO remember we have computer class two days from now!”  “Teacher, you must NOT forget about computer session adjustments!”, because the kids cared about the computer lessons, so, it’d stayed inside their minds constantly, and, with the class time approaching, the more excited they’d all gotten; this, is entirely incomparable to the trading of the colored papers!

Seeing how the kids are getting rowdy, and I couldn’t help but calm myself down quicker, that, was how I ran my classrooms the first year I started teaching: and, wisdom comes with the years, and now, when I saw the kids getting rowdy, I’d think first, and, get to the bottom of what the kids are really thinking of, at the same time, I’m helping the kids become more aware of their wants and desires, and needs as well.

And so, this, is still, classroom management, mixed in, with a little of psychology.  First, you NEED to know what the kids are thinking about, why are they behaving the way they are, are there any factors that are affecting them, like how they were ranting on how they wanted to trade sheets, and then, you find a way, of distracting them, and, afterwards, you ask them, if they still wanted what they said they wanted awhile ago.

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