A Love Made Possible, by Strangers

The responses to another article printed on the papers awhile ago, translated…

After thumbing across “A Plate of Chinese Cheese, a Lifetime Together”, I was reminded, of my friend, Wen’s marriage.

Wen was originally set on never marrying, after she passed twenty-five, her parents were in a hurry, kept sending her to matchmakings, but, she’d also found excuses to back out, either that there’s no connection with the matchmaking person, or, they’d gone out on just first dates, and never any seconds.

On the year she turned twenty-seven, there was an insurance agent who’d insisted to help her find someone, and, she couldn’t tell the man no, and agreed, to head to a forest park with the man.  All the way there, Wen felt that the man sharing the same car with her is too boring, and because there’s dense fog in the mountains, they’d decided to head off down the mountains, and they’d found two college couples, having a spat with the bus ticketer, turns out, at the moment they were about to buy the bus tickets, the last bus drove off, and the ticketer not only didn’t remind them that the bus was leaving, he’d told them that there were hotels available in the area, the problem is that they’d already booked a room, and that, was where their luggage was.

The man who was out with Wen told the four of them, “I can have the three of you with us, and because if I’d exceed the occupant limit, I may get a ticket, so, one of you need to find another family to hitch a ride.”  At which time, one of the girls took a chance, rode another car under the hills.

Waited until Wen and her date took the three others to the spot where they’d agreed to meet up in, they didn’t see the girl who’d gone down the mountains first, and, because they were in a hurry to, they’d had the college kids go and look for her on their own.

ON the way back, this man said to Wen, “Those two guys are very awful, allowing a girl to take a stranger’s car, hopefully, they’d found her already!”

Wen thought, that he was more than willing to help out a stranger, but knew to protect himself, not breaking a law in helping other people, is kind and understanding, and agreed, to keep seeing him.

The very next year, the two of them married, and now, they’d been married for almost twenty years, and, their love is getting sweeter by the day.  Wen often joked on how those college kids who’d hitched a ride with them, is truly, her matchmaker.

And that just shows, how ladies are still watching the men’s small actions, and it’s the smallest of behaviors that can disclose the person’s heart, NOT in words, of course.

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