The Seven Girlfriends Who Can’t Live Without Each Other

A closely knitted circle of friends, translated…

The workplace is really complicated, and yet, I just happened to be one who speak my mind, who doesn’t have any good social skills, I’d offended a lot of people.  But gladly, I have a group of good friends whom I met at work, we call ourselves, “the seven sisters”, not only do they admire my good qualities, they also put up with my bad ones, and, when I fell, they’d given me a hand, to pull me back up too.  We would meet up regularly, in the close to twenty years of friendship, we’re still close as ever.

In the former decade or so, most of us who are unwed, other than sharing the ins and outs of working, we’d also shown concern toward one another’s love life.  We’d shared each other’s romances, along with the pains we’d endured through for the breakups too, and gladly, we were able to find ourselves great men to marry.  In the latter decade, we’d shared with one another, the tips of raising children, along with the joys of watching our kids grow bigger.

And now, as we all got into middle age, our conversation topic included the matter of “health”, and we’d all told one another, to take care of one another’s bodies.  But, in the past year, two of our group members’ husbands died of accident or illness, and, it’d given us all the chills.

In the time that follows, I can foresee, the seven of us, great girlfriends, retiring from the workforce, some of us would face life without our husbands, and some would face the empty nest, as children are all grown, and, there’s the illnesses that comes with old age too, and this made having “long-time friends” even more necessary.

And so, you’d met in the workforce, and you are now, great friends, because you had so much in common, and, you’d supported one another through your difficulties, dealing with the losses of one’s own spouse, and the empty nest, and that, is how a strong social support network looks like, and you do NOT start looking for friends AT or after retirement, you should already have established a social support network, way before then.

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  1. hmm..some realizations in life

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