Visiting the Home for Handicapped in Bali, FedEx Brought Warmth

Still a LOT of kindness in the world here, so, there’s still H-O-P-E!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

It’s the seventh year of the FedEx Care and Concern program this year, and this year, the company had chosen the place where the function is held in the Bali Home for the Handicapped, the CEO of the district of Taiwan, Chu took along fifty of his employees and paid a visit to the home, and showed their cares and concerns with their actions, through the accompaniment of the volunteers, they’d managed to bring some warmth to the residents.

Started in 2007, FedEx started having a volunteer week, for the last six years, they’d focused on the environmentalism and cares and concerns for distant areas, this year, they’d worked alongside Fubon Charitable Foundation and went to Bali Home for the Handicapped, to put their cares and concerns into actions.

The person in charge of the education, Shu-Miao Tsai said, that FedEx sent care and concerns to the inside of the facility, federal expressed the warmth, especially when the smiles of the residents their started showing up on the faces, one can see, that the volunteers had done more than enough.

Chu stated, that the reason why they’d chosen the Bali Home for the Handicapped was actually not easy, but the volunteers had their orientations beforehand, and, there were social workers from the inside, assisting them in the function, and so, everything worked out well.

Another story of how the big companies out there, are starting to give back to the world all around, and, this wind of kindness is going to keep blowing, I’m sure, and this will continue.


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