The Murdering of His Own Beloved Wife, the Songs of Sorrow for the Spouses of the Elderly Ill Patients

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First “part”, written by a doctor, translated…

In 2010, a Mr. Wang in the city of Taipei NAILED is own wife who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s to death, was sentenced to nine years in prison, not long after he’d begun serving his sentence, he’d died in prison.  In 2013, a retired army officer, Tseng got too strained, taking care of his demented wife, hacked her to death with a kitchen knife, then, attempted suicide, was sentenced to two years in prison.

Awhile ago, an elderly man, Ku, couldn’t bear to see his wife who had encephalitis suffer any longer, he’d HACKED her to death in the hospital, and, as he’d attempted suicide, he was stopped from it.

Two years ago, the film that won best foreign film at the Oscars, “Amour”, was portraying the exact same scenario; the elderly man took care of his demented and incompetent wife, got too tired, and he’d killed his own wife, then, committed suicide.  The motive behind this sort of a mercy killing is love, but it’s done, in such a way that it’d shocked the world.

If “taking one’s child’s hand as we grow older” is the best case of the aging scenario, then, “killing my own wife, so we can head toward death hand-in-hand” would be the most tragic.  It is extremely hard, and difficult, to care for one’s demented and incompetent family members, and, the combination of an elderly man, caring for an elderly woman should be paid special attention to, because the male is NOT used to playing the role of the caretaker, and, all of a sudden, he’s in charge of his own wife’s living routines, it would cause him to panic.  And, men are less likely to ask for assistance, and when there are problems in care, the men would usually shut down, and think of it as the end of the world.

The signs of fatigue from caring for the ill include: depression, anxiety, and insomnia, etc., etc., etc., at which time, the caretaker should ask other family members to take over, and get professional assistance, in case of tragedies such as this.

This case, is truly, the songs of sorrows for the caretakers, and, it’s also a sign that the societies need to better the systems of care, and, after the cases had gone to court, the mindset, the stresses of the caretaker should be examined closely, instead of treating the case as an ordinary murder.

And so, the strains still lands on the PRIMARY caretaker, and, unless you’re a PRIMARY caretaker of such persons, you do NOT know what the caretakers are faced with from day to day, and, knowing W-H-E-N to ask for help, and HOW to get it, is a very important thing to have handy.

Waiting for the Amendments in Long-Term Care, to Help Salvage One’s Dignity at Old Age

The news reported the eighty-three elderly man took care of his sick wife for nine years, and couldn’t stand to see his wife suffer any longer, or maybe, there may have been other unspoken reasons, he’d chosen, to kill his own wife, then, attempt suicide.

As I first read the news, I was moved, that if a couple can still be so close as they, wouldn’t that be a wonder?  And, you can imagine, how much pain, as the elderly man thrust that knife toward his wife’s body, the pains he was going through, and his willingness, to follow her in death too, in this day and age when divorce is happening all around, this, seems to be even MORE precious.

In my daughter’s class of thirty, there were one-third of the kids who were from single-parent households, and, from that, you can see, how difficult it is, to maintain a marriage, and, getting along well with each other, and managing the family well, is a higher level course to manage.

And, it’d reminded me that the society is now, faced with the elderly population outnumbering the younger generations, and how people are choosing to NOT have as many children as we used to, with the changes in time, maybe, the husband and the wife will have to care for four ailing elderly, but in twenty years, the younger generations will be faced with the coup-le, caring for FOUR elderly.  What’s crueler is, the wages of the younger generations is on the lower end, and, the longevity of human is still on the rise, as parents, how can we bare, to let ourselves become burdens to our kids?  And, in the future, there would be the two elderly persons, looking out for each other.

What’s making my heart ache more was, even the elderly must take care of the ailing elderly, when we get to a certain age, our bodies will start to stop functioning, and, as we got older, we wouldn’t have that much zest, energy, to care for the ill.  How is the physique of an eight-year-old person?  Can you imagine, that he is still responsible for caring for his ailing wife, and, the choice he’d made…is a shocking, and saddening path.

For the long term, the aging population and the problems surrounding demented elderly will become worse.

And so, there are a LOT of the issues at play here, the problems with aging, causing your mind and body to deteriorate, and, the lax of caretakers, and, there’s also the monetary concerns, because the longer you live, the more money you’d end up, spending, and, waiting for the government, to implement a NEW policy on the caretaking of the elderly is just NOT the way to solve the problems, and so, we wait, for that answer that’s still far, far, far away…………


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