A Family Who Raised Spiders

Spiders ARE good creatures, you DO realize that, don’t you???  Translated…

“There’s another spider web, hanging from my clothes rack now!  This spider is even more hard-working than I!”  Every time when people hear me say that, they’d all wanted to ask me, how many days it’s been, since I hung my clothes out, that the spiders had taken over.

As I’d first moved into my house, of course, I’d cleaned it from top to bottom, but, in just a few short days, around the corners, the lamp covers, and on the poles, the spider webs came quickly, after several times, I’d handed in my broom, and allowed them to be.  There is a wide open field out back, and, every web can easily catch a TON of mosquitoes.  I was doubtful, wondered what use would the spiders have for mosquitoes, and, each net was filled with mosquitoes, but, the spiders don’t eat them at all, could it be, that they’re showing OFF their catches?

On a certain night, there was a beetle that flew into my house, it’d started buzzing nonstop, truly annoying, it would be super easy, to chase it out, close the lights, open the doors, and, it will naturally, get attracted by the light outside.  At the moment, right when I was contemplating whether to do that or not, I saw that there was a spider web on the lamp, “Just leave it to the spider to handle it then, it would make a great meal for it!”, I thought.

Not long thereafter, the beetle really fell into the traps, and the spider ran off to hide to the side.  In the footages of nature videos, you see the spiders, going up to their prey, wrapping their prey up with their webs?  How could there be such timid spiders?  The beetle rolled around on the web, and finally, it broke free!  No mosquitoes, and NO beetles, what, do these spiders live off?

A few days ago, I was tapping away on my keyboard, a spider came down from the ceiling, down to my eye level, ran a few short inches on the tables, then, managed to get itself down to ground level, stayed on the floors, as if, picking up some food, but don’t know what.  I tilted my head to watch, could it be eating, dust?

That day, my friends and family started talking about their problems with insects, I’d gloated: I don’t even need to close my doors, every entryway is guarded by a spider; even underneath the sink of my kitchen, the roaches no longer hid there, because I’d kept two spiders inside.

The child who was listening in on the side asked me with a surprising tone, “Are you a witch?  How come you have so many spiders in your house?”, and NO, I don’t cook lizard soups, I suppose, I’m NOT a witch, I can be called, a “keeper for the spiders!”

And so, this, is what coexisting peacefully with nature looks like, spiders are helpful creatures, it can catch ALL the bugs you don’t want to see in your house, and so, the next time you see a spider, or a spider web, just leave it be, and don’t SWAT it, after all, it IS, helping your houses, in maintaining it, insect free!






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