Mr. Powell Took His Paternity Leave

Homosexuality, a good teacher, translated…

Because of my two sons, Mr. Powell and I had a total of twelve years worth of friendship together.

When we first moved from Germany to London, my introverted and quiet eldest son didn’t adapt too well, he wasn’t fluent in English, didn’t have friends, became depressed.  Mr. Powell was the department head of German for Middle School 31, he’d noticed this new transfer student, kinda timid, and nobody seemed to care about him, and so, he’d started conversing with my son in German and he’d responded, smiles returned back to my son’s face again.  He taught my eldest German for five years, in his last two years of high school, he was also his homeroom teacher, he’d given my son a TON of encouragements, built up his confidence, and, managed to get him into Cambridge University.

After my eldest graduated, his younger brother too, went into High School 31, and was looked after by the same home room instructor, Mr. Powell.  In the end, Mr. Powell wrote a recommendation letter to his own alma mater—the Brasenose College which a couple of the British PMs came out of, and made it possible, for my second son to become his younger school mate.

Mr. Powell is kind and gentle, as he talked……hmmm, how should I describe it?  A bit sissy, I suppose, you can feel his warmth, and his down-to-earth, his softened looks doesn’t give people any pressure, and that, is totally, NOT faked at all.

Once, Mr. Powell told his class, that he was taking up a class for the summer vacations.  What class?  Turns out, that Mr. Powell has issues with planes AND elevators, and so, he wanted to try to conquer his fear of flying.  It’s odd, I know, but, after the break, he gloated and told his class, he could finally fly on the airplane, and that he’d made a visit to Germany too.

There had been rumors going around the school campus that he’s a homosexual.  One evening, the school had a students’ music recital, there came a lot of instructors, parents and students.  Mr. Powell saw me when I walked in, he’d said a courteous hi to me, and a gentle looking African-British youth also stood up to greet me.  Mr. Powell introduced me to his partner.  Normally, as a gentleman introduced me to his mate, I should take her hand and exchange a couple of words with her; but that evening, I totally didn’t expect that that African man next to him was his partner, I was stunned, and didn’t shake his hands, and I didn’t know what to say to him.

For this, I’d been blaming myself, because I kept labeling myself as a person who didn’t discriminate against people of other colors, nor did I discriminate against homosexuals, and yet, I was so dumbfounded.  Maybe, at the moment of truth, the truth will tilt its head out!

One day, my son came home, told me, that Mr. Powell is on paternity leave.  What?  Two men living together, and he was able to apply for a paternity leave? Turns out, Mr. Powell and his partner had been living together for a very long time, was in a stabilized relationship with his partner, and, like all the regular families, now has a child.  Through a wide variety of legislative ways, they’d adopted a child.  By the same token, they could take maternity and paternity leaves, so they could be at home, with their baby, just as when women give birth too.  I guess, that a gentle and kind man like Mr. Powell must be a very good father, oh no!  a good mother, no, that’s not right, a good parent!

The world is becoming more and more open now, and the treatments of homosexuals are also improving too.  In 2014, the British government passed the laws, to allow gays and lesbians to get married, to start a family, don’t know if Mr. Powell will stand in front of his families and friends, accept their blessings, and say “I do” to his partner or not.

And so, this, is the story of a gay man, and, there’s still NOTHING wrong with being a homosexual, as we should ALL respect one another for our differences, shouldn’t we?  And, with the nations starting to pass laws to allowing gays and lesbians to “unite” in marriage, the world is becoming more and more accepting, to people of the same sexes starting families together.

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