Horrid Lover! A Man Who Forced Cleaning Agent Down His Girlfriend’s Throat and Killing Her Got a Fifteen Year Sentence Instead

Crime AND punishment, but if you ask me, the punishment is still too lenient here, from the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Chang, after he got drunk, he got into a verbal confrontation with his girlfriend, and forced open her mouth, then, poured bathroom cleaning agents down into her throat, after the woman, Jiang was taken to the hospitals, her severely burned esophagus was surgically removed, she’d died of malnutrition.  Chang claimed that they got into it after they both got drunk, and he didn’t have the intentions of killing Jiang, but the Highest Courts found him extremely cruel in his methods of torture, and gave him a fifteen year prison term based off of murder charges.

Based off of understanding, the married woman, Jiang wasn’t getting along well with her own husband, met up with the skilled worker, Chang, moved into his place in Danshui.

The verdict stated, that last year at one, on the morning of February 28, Jiang suspected that Chang took up another woman, she’d asked him to marry her after she was drunk, otherwise, she’ll leave him.  They started arguing, Jiang pushed Chang down, forced open her mouth, forcibly fed her half a bottle of cleaning agents, and screamed in Taiwanese, “I want you to DIE!”

And because partial of the cleaning agents spilled out, caused Jiang’s esophagus, face and neck, to be eroded and burned.  Chang saw Jiang in pain, tossed her $3,000N.T.s called up a cab, to get her to Mackay Memorial Hospital.  Because her esophagus was eroded, she needed to have it removed, and, she’d died of shock, caused from not being able to get enough breathes in, due to malnutrition seven months later.

The first trial believed that Chang, was a construction worker, therefore, he should know the dangers of cleaning agents to human body, and had intentions of killing Jiang, but took into considerations that he’d gotten her to the hospital, that he wasn’t completely evil, so, he was sentenced to just fourteen years instead.

After the case went up for appeal, and even though, Chang got down on his knees and begged Jiang’s family for forgiveness, Jiang’s family didn’t accept it.  The High Courts took into account that Chang’s ways were extremely cruel, and that he didn’t really pay the family anything, and gave him a fifteen year sentence instead.

And so, that, was how an argument led to this woman’s murder, and, alcohol is still a VITAL factor in aiding this happen, had the man not got too drunk, he may have had half a sense and not gotten so angered to commit murder.

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