An Elderly Woman Was Troubled by Dementia for Fifteen Years, and Her Granddaughter Made Up Her Mind to Crack the Codes

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The female researcher, Chen who’d found the genetic cause for dementia, is the daughter of the father of hepatic cancer in Taiwan, the researcher from Central Research Agency, Ding-Shing Chen’s daughter, and because her parents were way too busy when she was growing up, she was left, with her older brother, in her grandmother’s care, but, when she was in high school, her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and, she fell ill, and lived with the illness for fifteen years, then died, seeing how tortured her grandmother was, Chang decided to go into the research of dementia.

Chen recalled, that she and her grandmother were the best of pals, and even in high school, she’d still shared a bed with her grandmother.  Until her first year in high school, her grandmother started buying cabbage from the markets every single day, seemed to have forgotten that she’d just bought some the day before.  Until there is so much cabbage in her house that they’d all become rotten, Chen and her family started realizing that her grandmother had Alzheimer’s Disease.

“It became really hard to communicate with my grandma, she would do some odd things, like carrying an empty plate in front of the television, asking the people in the shows to give her some food.  And she’d also become delusional, and would claim, ‘my child’s missing’, I’d told her that there was NO child, and she’d mumbled to herself, ‘you don’t understand!, she’d become too hard to get along with,” Chen recalled.

Chen went abroad to grad school where she’d learned about proteins, never planned to become a researcher, she smiled and told, “until I’d figured out, that folding up the proteins is related to dementia, it’d finally given me a motive to turn my research into my work—my grandma.”

Chen stated that hopefully they’ll find an ultimate way to diagnose early and eventually, cure dementia, the research result she uncovered now, is merely a small piece of the puzzles.

What’s coincidental, was that the reason she’d gotten into research for a cure in liver cancer was because of her father, and she’d gotten into the research of Alzheimer’s because of her grandmother, the father and daughter’s goals in life is to turn the loss of one’s loved ones into the motivations for their researches.

And so, this, is only a small piece of the puzzle that was found, and sure, there IS a very LONG way to go, but at least, we’re making the progress, and, hopefully, with the discovery of this protein, more cases of dementia can be prevented, but, the technologies are still not yet that advanced, but one day, in the coming future…


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