A Volunteer Who’s Extremely Capable at Playing Mind Games

Sometimes, manipulations is a M-U-S-T!!! Translated…

That day I waited in the waiting room of the hospital, I’d seen this scene from the corner of my eyes: an elderly man on a wheelchair, angrily, threw out the bag of medication that was in his grasp, called out, “I will NEVER get better again, what’s the use of these meds?”

The middle-aged woman next to him quickly bent down, picked up the medicine bags, said, “Dad, don’t be like this.” Even the foreign hired help called out to him, “Grandpa, don’t be like this!”

But once the elderly man started, he became too stubborn to get through to, the more you’d lowered yourselves to him, the louder he’d screamed, and, it’d gotten everybody else’s attention. At which time, a volunteer woman came up to them, with smiles on her face, and asked what was going on, in a gentle tone of voice.

“I’m old, I don’t want to live this long, I’m completely useless.”, the elderly told her, with this sorrowful feeling.

The elderly woman hugged tightly to her father’s shoulders, her eyes turned red. The volunteer lady reacted relatively quick, “Who says you’re completely useless?  Because of you, you’d given your foreign hired aide a chance to work, so she could manage to feed her family overseas, you’d given too much back to the world already!  The longer you live, the more help you will be able to provide for her and her families, grandpa, you are such a good man, a living Buddha!”

She kept commending him, and, it’d managed, to soften the heart of an elderly man who’d been ill long-term. And, the elderly stopped throwing his temper tantrum, and allowed his daughter and the foreign hired help to wheel him away from the waiting area.

I kept thinking that as a volunteer at the hospitals, you are only responsible for pointing to the right directions of the doctors’ offices, and, I can’t believe, that I bore witness to this middle-aged woman who’s a volunteer who is extremely articulate, and excellent in mind games, without a trace too, I can’t help, but giving her a Kudos inside of my mind.

And so, that just shows, that in dealing with the elderly you need to NOT just have the patience, but also, you need to treat them like children, like this volunteer had, because elderly ARE like kids, and sometimes, you just can’t reason with them, so, you sway them toward the direction you wanted them to go, like this volunteer woman had helped steered the elderly man.

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