A Stay-at-Home Dad Got Annoyed After He Got Drunk, Beaten Up His Own Five-Month Old Son into a Handicap

Alcohol became the CULPRIT here!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man Lee had been unemployed long-term, and was responsible for caring for his five-month old son while his wife worked to provide for the family; awhile ago, he got annoyed after getting drunk, heard the infant cry, he’d slapped his son across the face over, and over, causing the child to become legally blind, and the tissues in his son’s limbs got destroyed too, and there was serious damages to the child’s head too.  Lee left, because he felt guilty for what he’d done, until he was caught, drunk driving, the District Attorney’s Offices of Hsinbei City prosecuted him based off of causing damages.

The man, Lee in his twenties has two son with his wife, Ding, and because Lee couldn’t find a job, Ding let him stay at home with the children, and worked odds and ends to provide for the family; Lee had been out of work long-term, and when he wasn’t happy, he’d gotten drunk in his home, and, if the two kids started to cry when he was drunk, he’d hurt them physically.

Lee didn’t teach or socialize his three-year-old son, caused the child to show delayed developments in language and cognitive abilities; the morning of April 8th two years ago, the five month old baby started crying, and Lee got drunk and got furious, started slapping the baby hard, and Ding found out, stopped him, but Lee continued slapping the child three times, then, chased Ding with a knife said, “Don’t test me, I will kill you!”

Ding ran out, and found the police, the male infant was rushed to the hospital, and was showing signs of swelling in his brains, intracranial hemorrhage, and his eyes had failed, he couldn’t use his limbs again, and, the child couldn’t even swallow anymore, and the damages were so great that it was untreatable; Ding decided to sue her husband for damages, Lee, because he felt guilty for what he’d done, he ran away, and the D.A. placed an active arrest warrant on him.

This year in June, Lee crashed his own motorcycle, the police took him in, and the D.A. immediately asked for incarceration which was allowed; when interrogated, Lee admitted to threatening his own wife on the day, but denied having beaten up his own son, claimed that the child was gassy and only slapped his face five, six times after the child was fed his bottle, and that that day, he’d slapped the child lightly, and that it might have been the older son who’d hurt the younger one, or that the infant had flipped off the bed and fell to the ground, or that maybe, he’d crushed his own child when he was sleeping, but the D.A. didn’t believe him.

And so, we still have an UNFIT father here, and, because he got drunk, became ANNOYED easily, and so, when the baby started crying, it’d exacerbated to the man’s feelings of annoyance, and so, he’d acted it out, and killed his own offspring, and, this could’ve been avoided too, but why wasn’t it?

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