The Murder of a Police Officer at a Night Club, “a Spoiled Rotten Brat”, His Mother Once Called Him “Well-Behaved”

So, whose F-A-U-L-T IS it, the mother’s, the father’s, the son himself’s???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The primary suspect who was responsible for beating the detective, Shue to death was a member of the “daddy’s boys club”, his father ran a company that sold grand-scale lamps, he’d gotten sent to Australia to study since his middle school years, after his return after college, he’d worked at his father’s company, in a minor position, and would often hang out at nightclubs.  The police described him as “a spoiled rotten brat”, not knowing the severity of his own actions, and suspected of placing the blames on his accomplice.

Based off of understanding, Tseng’s family background is very rich, he lives in a mansion in the high-end Xinyi District with his parents, and his older brother and sister-in-law, with two rooms for the hired help too; his father had a stroke and was immobilized, he’d owned a lighting fixture company in Shijr, Hsinbei City, they own FIVE sports cars, including Benz, Bentley, Audi, and Chevrolet, which were all registered under the company.

After the murder of the police officer, the police came to visit Tseng’s home, but Tseng wasn’t there, his family members were watching television, the cops clarified, “Your son was suspected of the murder of a police officer!”, the parents didn’t believe it, the police said, “Just watch the news!”, the parents turned to the news channels, and were very stunned, still couldn’t believe, that their son would beat up a cop.

Even though, the son had committed a crime, the parents still stood by him, the mother told the officer, that her son is extremely well-behaved, and couldn’t have murdered anybody.  And, after the father dialed the son’s cell, and was rerouted to voicemail, he said that if the police can’t get in touch with his son, then just “arrest me instead”!

The girlfriend who’d dated Tseng for a year, Liu claimed to be attending a certain private university in Hsinbei City, they’d gone all over the places to hang out; the police searched their Facebook pages, there were a TON of outings of them together, and, within a few short months, they’d gone all over the world like Hong Kong, Macau, the Alps, etc., etc., etc.  The police sighed, “with the normal wages of the average younger generations, this simply couldn’t be achieved!”

The police discovered, that Tseng didn’t have ties with gangs, but because he’d gone to night clubs to party a lot, and is a huge spender, he’d met a TON of gangsters, and, the gangsters may see that he is rich, and that, was why they’d “had his back”, but, after Tseng turned himself in to the police, he’d told, that he didn’t tell his “brothers” to beat up on the officers, claimed that there were a TON of people whom he didn’t know, and they met, and started beating on one another.

The Second Generations of Yu-Chang, Large-Scale Spender, and Active

The primary suspect who was responsible for telling others to murder the police officer, Tseng, has dual citizen ship from Australia and Taiwan, is said to be from a rich family, his family manages the Yo-Chang Company, Tseng went abroad to finish his studies, then, started working for the company too.

And so, you still have this SPOILED B-R-A-T who’d MURDERED a cop, and now, he’s only starting to realize the seriousness of the matter, and, he cries, “mommy, mommy, help me, save me”, and, naturally HIS parents would still cover HIS ass, because that, was what they’d done all along, and that, would be how this LOSER was so totally, SPOILED R-O-T-T-E-N!

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