Her Husband Had a Stroke, Her Son Has Cerebral Palsy, the Wife from China Was Abandoned by Her Mother-in-Law’s Household

A very BAD case of abandonment, call it that if you want to, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Seven years ago, Ting, the woman married over from China had a difficult birth, her son became diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she too, suffered brain damages, she couldn’t take care of herself now; her husband recently had a stroke, the mother-in-law’s household felt that it was too burdensome, two nights ago, she drove the daughter-in-law, to “dispose off” at the local police subprecinct.  The Social Services Department sent Ting to her sister’s house, and the son who has cerebral palsy who was under her own father’s care will be placed by the social services department now.

Ding’s younger sister-in-law refused to go on camera, but she’d told the police, that they had NO other options, her mother was aging, and had to take care of her older brother who’s had a stroke, and they couldn’t care for the nephew anymore, and the sister-in-law could still take care of herself.

Ding, the woman from China lived with her husband, her mother-in-law, her husband works as a manual laborer.  Seven years ago, when Ding got pregnant, she had a difficult birth, her son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she too, because of traumas to her brain, had become retarded, she could dress and feed herself and bathe too, but, she would space out a lot, and would forget things, and needed constant reminders.

Ding had originally sent her son to China, to be looked after by her own father, later, her younger sister married to Taiwan, and the father was able to come over because of it, and he moved in with her younger sister, and took her son back to Taiwan with him too.  Two months ago, the husband was injured when moving heavy objects, he’d had a stroke and became bedridden, the mother-in-law’s household believed it to be too heavy a burden, refused to go to the Chinese woman’s younger sister’s house to get her grandson back, and asked Ding to move back to her home in China, but Ding wouldn’t.

Two nights ago, the mother-in-law’s house told Ding’s sister to go to the subprecinct, then, had someone dropped Ding off there, then, left.  The sisters cried, the younger sister said it wasn’t fair, because the older sister will get her national identification card next May, and now, she’d been chased out of her mother-in-law’s house, she didn’t have anybody else to rely on, feared that her sister might get extradited back to China.

Seeing how his daughter was pushed out by her mother-in-law, the sixty-year-old father couldn’t help but cry, “my son-in-law only paid alimony from time to time, the money used to take care of my grandson came solely out of my retirement pension, and now, I’m older, I just couldn’t care for my handicapped grandson any longer, I can’t believe my daughter had been chased out, my heart is really wrenching here.”

The social worker from the Social Services Department, Chang said, that Ding is the little boy’s mother, she could get her national I.D. because of that, as for her social welfare, along with her placement, the social services department will step in, to handle the matter in the future.

So, there’s that small light of H-O-P-E, in this desperate situation here, and the mother-in-law’s family was just AWFUL!  And that just shows how there are still bad people who are only looking out for their own immediate families, and, DO remember, that your sons or daughters-in-law ARE also someone else’s children too, how would you feel, IF your kid was treated like that?


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