A Three-Way Love? The Police Officer Was Getting Married, the Bar Girl Sued for Sexual Molestation

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A bar girl in Da-Tong District accused an officer, Hsu, from the area for touching her breasts after getting drunk, along with sexually molesting her, Hsu sued the woman for libel and slander; the investigators from the police department found, that it was, a matter of dispute in love, but because the woman had pressed charges, the case was sent to Shihlin District Attorney’s Office to process.

Based off of understanding, the officer, Hsu, has a steady girlfriend, and recently, she’d found signs of his infidelity, and she’d called a meeting of all the parties, and, it didn’t end well, Hsu consoled his girlfriend to leave first, then, he’d returned to the room, to continue the discussion with the woman who worked at the bar; he’d told her he wanted to marry his girlfriend, that it was over between them, and, they got into an argument.

This bar girl yesterday went to the Department for Protection of Women and Children to report, claimed that after Hsu got drunk, he was inappropriate with her, touched her breasts, and her pubic region, and that she wanted to sue him for sexual assault, but she didn’t have a witness; after the department took her case, they’d processed the case based off of a sexual assault case, and called the D.A. to investigate the matter further.

Because this, is sensitive matter, the manager of the city police department, Huang got pissed, the manager at the Da-Tong subdivision, although admitted to this, but after meeting up with the manager of the investigations department, he didn’t come out to clarify or to make a statement on the press, he kept dodging the press.

And so, you were a cop, and you’d sexually molested a woman who works at a bar, and now, you’re caught, you try to WEASEL your way out of it, and it didn’t work, and, if this cop was fired because of this, it’s still too lenient…

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