This, is an Ordinary Happiness, a Story on Marriage


There is a family nearby, living in an old-style mansion, the wife is deaf and mute, the husband works in recycling, they have three daughters and a son, the four kids are very healthy, and are going to elementary school and kindergarten.  The family lived off of government assistance and the money made from the recycling goods, they’re not rich or well-to-do, but, they all get along well together.

During the dusks in the summertime, we’d seen the whole family, sitting out by the front, the mute wife gently massaged her husband’s shoulders, and the kids ran around and played.  Once, as I’d passed through their house, I saw they’d had a table out front, the four kids and the parents sat down, making dumplings, the children were charading with the mother, and laughing from time to time; the father, chased the naughty son, told him to stop running around, this, was a moving scene to see.

Recalling how there was a younger couple, the man, handsome, the woman, a beauty, they had a son together, both had steady jobs, they looked well together, looked happy as a family.  But, don’t know why, they argued and fought nonstop.  Once, the man came home drunk, late at night, they’d started arguing aloud in the stairways, waking up the neighbors in the entire building.  The wife screamed, that the husband would always make excuse to go out to drink with clients, but, she wasn’t certain, if he WAS indeed, with clients from work; the husband accused the wife for spending listlessly, with NO handle on the household chores.  Until the neighbors came to tell them, that if they keep arguing, someone will call the cops, did they stop.

The couple that’s seemingly the it pair, isn’t, and, seeing how the couple who were poor, they’re the ones who had a clear handle on what happiness is all about.

And this still just shows?  Oh yeah, having money doesn’t mean SHIT!  Like the above “cases”, the couple who were poor, maybe, they are not rich economically, they showed care and understanding toward one another, and loved their kids tons, but, look at the rich couple, they had everything they wanted, materialistically speaking, and yet, they fight nonstop, and, which one would you rather have?  I’d rather have the not-so-rich couple, but getting along well together, than the couple with money, but fight nonstop.

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