In a Hurry

In a hurry, you couldn’t wait, to grow up, because ALL those things that grown-ups get to do, you were way too young, to join in.

In a hurry, you couldn’t wait, to get out of the protective wings of your parents, because they KNEW what sort of bad SHITS are out there, they were merely, trying, so very hard, to delay the experiences of pains for you, and yet, you just had to go out, and get some of that “experimental” pains for yourselves, to finally realize, that “mommy and daddy had been right, all along…”

In a hurry, you couldn’t wait for me, and, I was only half a beat slower than you too (that’s still NOT by a hell of a lot here!!!).  In a hurry, you grew up, without me there, because I was too careless, focusing, only on what’s bugging me, because I HAD to fix myself up proper (yeah, I still know it too, ‘k???), before I can take care of you, and you just couldn’t wait, and so, growing up, you got bumps AND bruises too, and to think, that ALL of that, could’ve been prevented (sigh…).  Oh well, that, is a part of the growth process, I guess, and, I’m actually kinda glad, that you experienced it already!

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