Shrugging Off a Dream

This, is what we usually all do when we wake from a dream, isn’t it?  We shrug it off, as that alarm went off (buzz, buzz, buzz!!!), reminding us that reality IS calling, and we must hasten.

Shrugging off a dream, sometimes, it’s easy, when there’s NO emotional attachments to the dreams you just dreamed, but, if you still felt too connected with the contents of your dreams, it may NOT be at all, that easy to sever from it.

Shrugging off a dream, that, is what I need to do, but, I can’t, because the dream is so amazing, so beautiful, my ESCAPE from reality, and, I needed to (escape from reality, that is!!!), and so, I hypnotized myself to fall back into sleep again, because I don’t want to tuck it back into my subconscious, I want it to fill up my waking hours…

Shrugging off a dream, because I’m wide awake now, and, dream has absolutely NOTHING to do with MY waking reality, and so, I got NO other choices, BUT to tuck it back, and shrug it off my shoulders here.


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